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If you don’t know what you need to communicate, how will you know if you succeed?

I’m Margot Bloomstein, and I partner with companies in a range of industries to foster sustainable, brand-appropriate content that clarifies and manifests their communication goals through content models, editorial style guidelines, and governance.

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Consistency, clarity, and a plan to stick with it—no matter the author?
Of course you can have all three!


Bring me in to work with your team or agency to develop a message architecture and guide new editorial processes for better content.


Hire me to keynote your next offsite or lead your team in a workshop to rethink goals for communication and how they apply to content strategy.


Fuel your approach with the technique, tips, and client-tested card deck to facilitate a brand attributes exercise with your clients or team.

  • “If she’d been a man, she’d be a humorist and memoirist. But she was a woman, so she was a mommy blogger,” writes . With laugh-til-you-cry missives from motherhood, Dooce helped figure out a new world of publishing and the democratized internet. RIP.
  • Checking but there's no precedent: is it "Convicted Sexual Abuser and former President Donald J Trump," or should we just use the most recent title?
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