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Privacy at SXSW: old challenges & the next big thing

How we love novelty and being the first to find it! Shiny next big things are the siren song of the tech industry, specifically, but all human nature generally. Our hearts and minds have evolved to prize novelty… even when it’s a misguided distraction. We value the next big thing over the ongoing, familiar, steady […]

Can nonprofits afford content strategy?

This post is an excerpt of Can nonprofits afford content strategy?, at the Confab Events blog. Want to talk it through in person? I’ll be presenting at Confab for Nonprofits in June 2014 in Chicago. Content demands a lot—time, attention, focus, creativity. If you approach content from on high, perched atop a lavish marketing budget, […]

Growing the T-shaped content strategist

“We look for people who are so inquisitive about the world that they’re willing to try to do what you do,” writes IDEO President and CEO Tim Brown. “We call them ‘T-shaped people.’ They have a principal skill that describes the vertical leg of the T [...] but they are so empathetic that they can […]

“Content” and me: a Christmas confession guest post

This post was anonymously written as part of Blog Secret Santa. There’s a list of all Secret Santa posts, including one written by me, on Santa’s list of 2013 gift posts. Secret Santa, thanks for this guest post! As long as I can remember, I’ve been a blurter. I can’t keep secrets. I over-share. And […]

Softening your voice

I previously explored some parts of this blog post in a post and discussion on Facebook. That thread served as a starting point for the themes I’m continuing to wrestle with in this post. Still evolving, still looking for input. We couch our communication in conditional language, softening our words and ourselves in the process. […]