I create brand-appropriate user experiences to engage audiences and project key messages with consistency and clarity, through both traditional and social media.

You’re looking at an unparalleled collection of case studies, examples, and processes that help teams embrace content strategy on every interactive project.


Explore a content strategy framework
and processes from both consultancies and in-house marketing departments

Dig into case studies and interviews
from brands in academia, apparel, network television, the non-profit sector, retail, and more

Gather practical sales techniques
and examples to sell content strategy—or to use content strategy to sell other services and larger projects

Content Strategy at Work is a book for designers, information architects, copywriters, project managers, SEO consultants, social media specialists, and anyone who wants to create better user experiences, whether in in-house marketing departments or agency consulting engagements.

Even if content strategy isn’t your job, content’s probably your problem—and probably more than you think. You can measure it in time, creativity, money, lost opportunity, and the sobs you hear equally from creative directors, project managers, and search engine marketing specialists.

Dry your eyes and buck up. The solution is content strategy, and this book offers real-world examples and approaches you can adopt, no matter your role on the team. If communication matters for your company or client, put content strategy to work for you.